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About us
Our Company
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Navigator Internet Solutions, Inc. is a multinational hosting company committed to providing an excellent and high quality service. Founded in 2002, we are privately held and registered corporation in the United States of America, headquartered in Long Branch, New Jersey. We are dedicated to providing cutting edge web hosting solutions for individuals, businesses, and corporations.

   Our Infrastructure

With our amazing 11,000 square feet datacenters located in cities such as Scranton PA & Atlanta, our network is one of the most rock-solid and stable available today. We staff our datacenter 24/7 with qualified network engineers that can handle any problems if they arise. Our network is connected via Gigabit fiber optic links to top backbone providers such as Verio™, Global Crossing™, XO Communications™, Cogent™ and many others. Our servers are located in major providers datacenters to ensure maximum uptime and connectivity. If you would like to learn more about our datacenters, please visit our Network Tour page.


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