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Navigator Internet Solutions, Inc. is a multinational hosting company with offices and staff located in countries all over the world. Matrix Internet Solutions is a privately held corporation dedicated to providing cutting edge web hosting solutions for individuals, businesses, and corporations. We cater to the needs of all our clients, and take in mind any sized budgeting when offering our services.

    Must be of legal working age.

    Must be friendly & Polite to Customers.

    You must be very fluent in English.

    You must be experienced in managing or using Windows 2000, 2003 and
      RedHat Linux
based servers.

    You must have at least a fundamental knowledge of networking
      (TCP/IP, NAT,
Microsoft Networks, etc.)

Applicants with knowledge of other languages will also be given extra preference,
      although it is not required.

Verifiable work experience is requested if applicable.

Must have some sort of home high speed internet service & messenger service.

Currently no Job or Career openings are available. Please check back soon for future openings, or contact us through our management department.

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