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Navigator Internet Solutions, Inc. Company News
   May 20th, 2004

Navigator Internet Solutions announces two more additional domains for our company identity. We have also released our reseller hosting plans. Our plans range from 1-10GB space, 35-150GB transfer and resides in the $24-69 monthly pricing range. We will be launching our dedicated services in a few weeks. We have also just completed our registration of our new name "Navigator Internet Solutions, Inc." as a registered company. Navigator Internet Solutions is on the rise, are you missing out? Community Forums Helpdesk
   May 1st, 2004

Matrix Internet Solutions changes name to Navigator Internet Solutions, Inc. as a registered company. We have divided our services up into two individual sites. will be offering our dedicated hosting services, and NavigatorIS will be offering our Shared Hosting and our other solutions. Our company also expands to assist new customers, offering new billing services, and expanding our company domain names. Here is a reference table to new domains: Corporate Website Billing Website Shared Hosting " " " " " Dedicated Hosting " "
   April 20th, 2004

Matrix Internet Solutions launches a new website for clients including new services, hosting plans, and features for clients.


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